Jaren Hinckley

Composer / Clarinetist

Oboe sonata

I’m Listening to Everything Composed by Francis Poulenc

January 7, 2014



Happy Birthday, Francis Poulenc!  Born 115 years ago today!


I’m a huge Poulenc fan.  Here I am at his grave in Paris.


2012 April Paris Champion week 010

His slow movements often bring me to tears because there’s such a strong sense of melancholy and loss or joy and love.  His fast movements are shocking and filled with energy.  When I was a young player first learning Poulenc’s Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, I found it dissonant and jarring, but exciting.  Now it remains one of my favorite pieces for clarinet, period!  However, I have to say that my favorite work by Poulenc is his…


TITLE: Sonata for Oboe and Piano.


Here’s a link to the entire work:




Even if you only listen to the first 60 seconds or so, I predict you’ll hear the immense beauty in this work.


The fast and exciting 2nd movement begins at 5:09.


HIGHLIGHT:  For me the opening of the first movement is the highlight.  I melt upon hearing it every time.  The other highlight is the third movement.  Skip ahead to 9:05 on the YouTube clip and listen to the first 60 seconds and hopefully you will weep with joy.


WHAT’S LEFT TO LISTEN TO BY POULENC?:  Tons, but, since he’s in my top ten list of favorite composers, I’m sure I’ll succeed at listening to them all.