Jaren Hinckley

Composer / Clarinetist


I’m Listening to Everything Composed by Max d’Ollone

November 17, 2013



It’s going to be a short blog post this week because I’m really tired today (I was up most of last night composing…)


In any event, sticking with the theme of the month, I found this gem:


TITLE: Novembre


DESCRIPTION OF THE PIECE:  Short French art song for voice and piano.


HIGHLIGHT:  The beautiful simple lyricism of this piece and the French language (sadly, I cannot find a translation of the text…).  It’s only three minutes long, so sit back and even though you may not speak French, the emotion and mood certainly come through.

Any of my readers out there speak French who’d want to try to translate this piece?

WHAT’S LEFT TO LISTEN TO BY D’OLLONE?:  An amount that appears to be quite do-able, however, because he is a less-known composer, he is also less recorded than most, so that may prove a challenge.  But after hearing this, I’ll certainly try.




Bruch, Max: Violin Concerto No. 2

Dvorák, Antonin: Slavonic Dance Op 46/3

Grainger, Percy: Molly on the Shore (for piano)

Moscheles, Ignaz & Giuliani: Grand Duo Concertant pour Pianoforte et Guitare, Op.20

Ollone, Max d’: Fantaisie Orientale (for clarinet and piano)

Ollone, Max d’: Nocturne (for flute and piano)

among others…